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Fabric Dye Black

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Fabric Dye Black

30 Black Aybel Fabric DyeWool Cotton g

30 Siyah Wool(l)/Cotton(r)

- For washing machine and hand dye
- 1 Sachet (10-13 grams) is sufficient for 250 grams of dry fabric
- The lower the dosage, the lighter the colours.
- Suitable for cotton, wool, linen, silk, polyamide (Nylon) and many other materials
- Not suitable for polyester

- Free shipping (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)
- Shipment by normal letterbox post without track & trace
- Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days within Europe, outside Europe 3 - 10 working days
- Shipping from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany

- Money back not good guarantee


Instructions for use:


To avoid stains on your hands you can wear a pair of disposable gloves while working with the dye.

Add the content of the sachet Fabric Dye into 20 cl hot water. Add a tablespoon salt (20 gram) and stir until all powder is dissolved. For wool and polyamide (nylon) add a tablespoon full of vinegar to the solution.

Test whether the color is right by dipping a small piece of fabric or some white paper in the solution.

Washing machine:
Pour the solution into the drum of the washing machine. Wet your fabric and place it in the drum of your washing machine. Select a main wash program (at least 30-40 minutes) and the highest permitted temperature according to the label of your fabric.

If you use Aybel Fiske , add the content of the sachet Aybel Fiske into the bin for softener of your washing machine.

Hand dye
Fill a bucket with water (3-5 litre) at the highest permitted temperature according to the label of your fabric. Add the dissolved fabric dye and stir well. Wet the fabric and place it in the bucket.

Stir firm and regularly for 30-40 minutes so that the dye and fabric is mixed well.

Rinse the fabric until no more dye is in the rinsing water. If you use Aybel Fiske , you can add the fixation liquid to the last rinsing water.

More information:

On our page "Welcome"There are several general tips for dyeing clothes and textiles. Also take a look at FAQ page for frequently asked questions or our blog page for more tips, facts and techniques.


Keep Aybel Fabric Dye and Aybel Fiske away from children. Not suited for consumption. After contact with eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with running water.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 11.4 × 7 cm

6 reviews for Fabric Dye Black

  1. Mar (verified owner)

    Polyester dress that was too colourful. Dress does not become black though darker. I knew in advance that the result might not be satisfying due to using polyester.

  2. Helene Cook (verified owner)

    Dress made of 100% cotton with 2 pockets not black but dark blue. Left in a bucket for about 5 hours. Then rinsed in the washing machine. I'm pretty satisfied. Beautifully even in color

    • Aylan

      Hello Helene,
      Thank you for your message. Of course it is good to hear that you are satisfied, but black should be really black. If you want, we can see if we can do something to get the result really black. For this you can send a picture of your dress as it is now to Contact@aybel.nl. Can you also indicate what the original colour of your dress was? I like to hear it!
      With colorful greetings, Aylan from Aybel

  3. Jook (verified owner)

    A black cap gift received from a very famous brand, became purple after wearing it a few times due to sun and perspiration. However, after dyeing it black with Aybel color and repeatedly wearing it never again discolored. It could not be any blacker. Bravo!

  4. chan (verified owner)

    Tried to dye white cotton (100%) black. Didn't really turn black, more of a grey/green. A pity.

    • Aylan

      We are sorry to hear that the result is not satisfactory. The cause is most likely due to fabric. Wool is processed during production with a reinforcing coating to maintain the hardness of the fabric. This coating makes the fabric less permeable to the color, so the result is not always optimal.

      I would like to see if there is a solution to get the color right. To do this, please send an e-mail to Contact@aybel.nl with a picture of the result as it is. If you indicate how you dyed the fabric, how often it has been washed and at what temperature, I can assess whether and how we can find a solution.

  5. Sarina Bouma (verified owner)

    I tried to dye a pink wool cap black according to the description. Unfortunately, the hat has not turned black, but light grey.

    • Aylan (verified owner)

      Dear Sarina,
      Unfortunately, not all materials can be painted equally well. A synthetic material such as acrylic often remains lighter during dyeing. Because you told us that your woollen hat was made of acrylic, it remained too light for that reason. We have refunded the purchase price to your account.

  6. Yvonne (verified owner)

    After dyeing black pants, they didn't turn black but pale black. After indicating this, I got tips to wash the pants before coloring and new paint for free. After having done this, the pants were repainted and he came out nicer than he was. Thank you very much.

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