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Fabric Dye Mint Green

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Fabric Dye Mint Green

Fabric dye for washing machine and hand dye
1 sachet is enough for 250 grams of fabric
At a lower dosage, the colors become lighter
Suitable for cotton, wool, linen, silk, polyamide (Nylon) and many other materials
Not suitable for polyester
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Delivery time 2-3 business days
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Make sure that the fabric to be dyed is completely wet. Open the Fabric Dye bag and dissolve it in about 25 cl water of 40-60 °. Add a tablespoon (about 20 grams) of salt to the mixture. For wool and polyamide (Nylon) add a dash of vinegar to the dye solution.

Test the colour by soaking a small piece of the fabric in the liquid and pulling it out again. Find the highest permitted temperature in the label of the fabric or clothing.

Hand dye
Fill a bucket of water with the highest permitted washing temperature for the fabric. Make sure the bucket is large enough to keep the fabric under water easily. Mix the dissolved dye with the water in the bucket.

Now add the fabric and stir well. Leave the bucket for 90-120 minutes. Stir regularly and firmly. Remove the fabric from the bucket and rinse several times with cold water.

If you use Aybel Fiske fixing liquid, you can add this to the last rinsing water.

Washing machine:
Pour the mixture of the fabric dye into the container for the main wash of your washing machine. When using Aybel Fiske fixation liquid you add the contents of the fixation liquid in the bin for softener

Place the wet fabric to be dyed in the drum.

Now run a main washing program of approximate 1.5-2 hours at the highest permitted temperature for your fabrics.

The fabric dye can leave color residues in your washing machine. Rinse the machine with a rinse program. If necessary, you can add a cup of bleach.

More information:

On our page "Welcome" there are several general tips for dyeing clothes and textiles. Also check out our FAQ page for frequently asked questions or our blog page for even more tips, facts and techniques.


Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption. When contacting the eyes, rinse immediately with running water.

Additional Information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 11.4 × 7.0 cm

3 Reviews for Fabric Dye Mint Green

  1. Anna (verified owner)

    Picks up good, fine fabric dye. Beautiful color. A few shades darker than on the image.

  2. Milou

    Hi Anna,

    Do you have an example picture of what it looks like? Do you think choosing a pair of grey green pants could be tricky? The picture is pretty close but now I read your review, I doubt...

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    Color works easily. I just do not think it's Mintgreen, but a soft Sea blue. It has become beautiful. Fabric dye works easily. Just find it no mint green rather a soft sea blue. It has become nice however.

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